Board & Key Staff

Faisal Malik 


Faisal Malik is the Arts Manager, Creator, and Founding President of the Thespianz Foundation. With a 24-year career in Arts Management and Cultural Administration, he is a zealous and enthusiastic personality, with advanced knowledge of arts administration, financial management, human resources, art history, cultural diplomacy and public relations. Faisal Malik has worked in various countries; he has directed 109 social theatre plays and 412 self-esteem workshops on social topics, and has taught performing arts in various universities around the world.


He has a Master’s degree in International Relations, a certificate from the National Academy of Performing Arts, and is the former Country President of Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN). Faisal Malik was previously an Art Management Fellow at the John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts in Washington DC, and a Fellow at Arthink South Asia, where he worked with the leading European dance company, Shasha Waltz, and Guest. He has worked with the Chicago Opera Theatre, the 100-year-old Theatre Company in Munich, and has been the Chief Guest at Royal National Belly in Warsaw Poland. Faisal Malik has launched many national level social awareness campaigns and is passionate about reviving the dying art of String Puppetry in Pakistan, which he uses to provide healthy and educational entertainment to adults and children.

Constance Colding Jones

Board Member

Former U.S. Foreign Services Officer In her career with the U.S. Foreign Service, Constance Colding Jones has been in charge of press and media relations of an embassy, as well as responsible for designing and carrying out cultural and educational programs to promote people-to-people interaction, dialogue, and mutual understanding.

Nouman Mehmood

Organization Secretary

Organization Secretary and associate director with a great exposure of 10 years in managing performing arts and organizational key operations.

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