Street Theatre Campaign on Water Saving Awareness.

P.S. A drop of water is worth more than a sack of Gold to a thirsty man. 



Water Calligraphy is an interactive and thought-provoking Mime Theatre Play campaign that contains a strong message for the importance of water, how we can save this blessing and what is the water scarcity.

The campaign is specially designed for the less-privileged community and students who considered to consume and waste more water than a literate or mature person 

"There are number of ways to save water and

They all start with you"



Pakistan will be "run dry" by 2025 and many other countries too; Pakistan’s water scarcity is reaching an alarming level. The authorities seem dynamic but the crisis is posing as a serious threat to the country's stability, and needs a proactive approach for saving the water from the masses. According to a recent report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Pakistan ranks third in the world among countries facing sensitive water dearth.


Theatre is a sharp tool to deliver any subject in an even manner. The Water Calligraphy will be a fifteen theatre plays project in three most established cities in Pakistan i.e. Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The play’s content will be solely entertainment based containing a strong element of awareness for  the water wastage and climate change factor. The project will be intended to approach masses to adopt a positive habit change for saving the blessing of water.


Water Calligraphy's Pilot project designed and directed by the american theatre director Ms. kanta Kochar Lindgrin. She designed an intellectual theatre that invites a latent message of the act. Blended with heavy fondles of classical English and written with artistic feel, the main theme of the play is that 'Water is a precious commodity. The play takes place at a time of drought followed by a series of urban scenes where the scenes shift between Karachi, New York.


Through the Water Calligraphy project, the following objectives will be achieved:

1. Security of Water

2. Positive Climate Change

3. Awareness Among Children

4. Awareness Among Adults

5. Healthy Free Entertainment

To Under-served Communities

7. Importance of Water

8. Difference Between Clean and

9. Dirty Water

10. Impact on the Global Level

No Water, No Life.

No Blue, No Green.



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Pilot Project


About Pilot Project:

The pilot project of water calligraphy has been staged under the direction of Dr. Kanta Kochar Lindegrin (Ph.D.) she collaborated with Thespianz Foundation to raise awareness about the water scarcity that is going to happen in 2025 in Pakistan. She and Thespianz's president Mr. Faisal Malik jointly designed the water calligraphy that has been witnessed by more than 2,300 people in Karachi, Pakistan and well appreciated by a number of media/TV/ and radio channels 

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